Worth investigating at your child’s college

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Received a notice from my Alma Mater, USU, that they were now offering most of their general ed courses online for full (graduation) credit.

It occurred to me that they are likely not alone in this. Although we live in California, and therefore can get general ed courses at a greatly reduced rate, wouldn’t it be great to start working on your 4 year degree at home?

At the very least, you would be saving the cost of room and board.

Mine is a Foodsaver brand

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It has a hose that you can use on the canning jar attachment as well, but I have a hand held “wine sealer” that I use for the canning jars instead. It is also a foodsaver brand, but I’m not sure they make that particular unit any more. I have had absolutely no problems with it and we use the thing constantly, almost daily.
I even vacuum seal salad greens in jars before refrigerating and they keep far longer than if you just store them in the refrigerator. You can actually pre-pack salads with the salad dressing in the bottom of the jar, then a fairly solid type ingredient (like carrots) then the greens on top for lunches ahead of time. Then when you go to eat the salad, just shake the jar.
I agree read reviews. Not all vacuum sealers are the same, not all food savers are the same even. And not all sealers vacuum out the air. My first sealer—100 years ago—was a seal a meal and it doesn’t vacuum out the air. I use it sometimes for resealing plastic bags of craft items, or mylar bags that are over vacuum sealed products for long term dry storage, but that’s about it.

For the vacuum sealer

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don’t go for the cheapest product, go read reviews…we were given one and it wasn’t very good–didn’t seal very well, but it was free. DH wanted a better one, so for father’s day a few years ago he got one from williams sonoma–he spent 2 months researching…I freecycled the old one to a guy wanting to freeze his fish bait.

One idea I use with my clients when organizing

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a chest freezer would be to use pails with handles for the bottom of the freezer – that way you could pull them out easily. Sort the food by category into each pail – beef, chicken, soups, veggies etc… saves on digging.

Attached is a pic of my upright freezer (took it for a blog article I recently wrote). We replaced out 25 year old chest for an upright a couple of years ago to save on some electricity costs.

Thanks for the tip!

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I will have to get something down there .Right now almost all of the meat is in one big basket and I sure would hate to have it all stuck outside the freezer. It took me more than 15 minutes to get it open last night! Not sure how long because I forced myself to go do something else for a while.

(I have most of the beef in one big basket, and the chicken, lamb, and the odd/old bits of meat in separate smaller baskets. Going to have to think about a system. Meanwhile, we have ice cubes again! I do have a dated list on the outside of the freezer)

Forced myself not to look for the entire time that it took me to type up an inventory, so I’m about to check again

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Googled some more and I guess the science is that hot air shrinks as it cools and creates a vacuum. In that case, not sure why it would ever let go again, maybe microscopic leaks?

It’s so nice to get the bulk meat out of the freezer! It just takes a couple of large odd-sized pieces to fill up the fridge-top freezer.

This is, I hope, going to save us money AND improve our health. My daughter has had some health issues and has lost way too much weight. When we went to the nutritionist, I was expecting some sort of strict diet, but instead she focused on protein and regular meals, and talked to me a lot about cooking ahead. I’d been resisting getting a freezer because there’s just two of us, but I realized that with the current state of the refrigerator-top freezer I could never really manage to cook much ahead because it was just too FULL. And ironically that contributes to the meat backlog, because I didn’t have any place to put the end results if I had a big cooking binge. Also, I haven’t had room to freeze the fresh vegetables from the farm box when we don’t eat them right away. Now I have room room ROOM! I am going to have to get back in the habit of more cooking and more prep on weekends but it should make my weekdays easier. As soon as I can get that dang door open again.

As you know I have a custom coaster business

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My most recent “homework” on this front was to make some cold calls for wholesaling or doing a commission or consignment thing. My dh had suggested a place that carries home décor, inside and out type stuff. I went by there to make my pitch last Tuesday. I knew enough to ask for the decision maker for their product line. The owner was not in but would be in later that day so I went back. I pitched my product, had a few samples there to show them. They were hesitant about having coasters because the last time they had them, they didn’t do well. … The last ones they had were made by someone else and, if I am right about who it was, her product does not compare to mine. Any way, they ended up ordering 2 sets of monograms for 9 different letters of the alphabet … 18 sets in all. I was thrilled, to say the least. I promised them for 2 days later and got that order fulfilled on time. The owner cut a check for the order on the day I delivered and show us easy online payday loans. I wholesaled them to the store so they got a 25% cut off what I normally sell the for. Time will tell if the relationship lasts with that store. If it does, fine. I not, that is okay too.

I also came up with a new design over the weekend, in anticipation of football season. It is a set with New Orleans Saints fans in mind. It is a “who dat” themed coaster. I will begin marketing those for this season, along ramping up marketing for other designs I already have for the Saints and LSU.

I have also been doing some work on my website. I will spend some time tomorrow getting some pictures, stock numbers and descriptions posted but I have some “background” work do to before that can happen. So product additions to the website will more likely take place in the later morning or in the afternoon. Also need to order some more business cards tomorrow.

He didn’t pay the electricity :)

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They are in the dark… Fact of the matter they haven’t paid rent in a few months either WITH a little one on the way. They will be homeless soon.
Met with them last week, their game plan is to live in her car when the time comes to be homeless, they say there are no jobs to be had. Probably true in their case, even applying for jobs at McDonalds, one must get through a personality test, and they don’t seem interested in getting anymore jobs from the one’s they have been fired from. Grrrrrr

I think the living in the car is a bluff

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I know folks whose kids have threatened this thinking Mom and Dad would feel “guilty” if they had to live in the car and give in to them. Summer is coming, cars get hot, it takes gas to run the air conditioner, and it takes money to buy gas. Reality will sit in quickly. Plus young people get hungry REALLY fast. They can’t even draw welfare living in a car because you must have a permanent address to receive mail at to get welfare. If I remember right it gets real hot real quick in your state.

I’ve been mulling what to say on this topic all morning

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and I’m basically with others who’ve said maybe it’s time to let her hit bottom. I went through a time when my brain wasn’t really engaged either, and my folks tried to help for awhile. But then finally I just had to get to a point where I had to acknowledge that stuff wasn’t working. And I agree whole heartedly with Jan – the moment someone lies to me, they’re done. Game over.

One possible “let em down a little easier than simply freefall” is to take them both aside now, now that you’ve paid their groceries and your ex has paid their electric bill, and say that’s it. Have your ex in the room too, if that’s tolerable, so that there’s no text-him-for-support-as-soon-as-your-speech-is-over crap. They’re done, that was the last of the free money. They want to be grownups, here’s the real world and they’re welcome to it. If they want your help in the future, they’re going to have to work for you for wages to get it. Cut the lawn, pick up your dry cleaning, clean house, poop scoop for the dog, dust your shoes in the Shoe Room, whatever. That way they know there’s still a safety net but it’s not free anymore. If they want those groceries, or that electric bill paid, they’ve been told up front it’s going to cost them effort on their part. And make those jobs as nasty as possible, so that work at a fast-food joint or hardware store starts looking like a good deal.

One point of clarification and I don’t mean to be nosey, but did someone else say in passing on this thread that there’s a little one in the works now too? Is that part of the issue now, that she’s going to become a young mom soon? If so, I missed that update along the line, but it becomes even more imperative that they get their act figured out. If that was a mis-communication and there’s no little one in the picture, whew! But still, their free ride needs to be done.

I am to the point of not even knowing this person..

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Her thought process and mine are as different as night and day.

Here is how the conversation went concerning food, she texted me and said her and the boy were hungry, could I feed them. True my brain read something her text didn’t say…but common sense told me that in the long run taking them out to dinner wouldn’t be as effective as taking them to the grocery store. They agreed. We went grocery shopping, we bought meat, staples etc…

My ex calls me later on in the afternoon to tell me that they have no power. He was asked to pay the power bill and his thought process was it will do them good to sit in a hot house for a while, might motivate them to work… I would definitely agree except there is 130.00 of groceries I wasted and you think my daughter would have mentioned no electricity. She said nothing to either of us about the other situation.

She wonders why I continue to be upset with her. I believe she has a brain in her skull, but it is non functioning right now.

This is but one example, there have been two more crazy incidences since the food fiasco of last Monday. I hate to see them suffer, but gee wiz. This cannot be the child I raised.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot…

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tough love is hard, but in the long run, she’ll be better off. Food is a good thing because you know she will be eating well for both her and the baby.

I’ve been watching my niece and now her daughter for years–the daughter is now 4th gen teen pregnancy. The parents, grandparents and great grandparents are supporting these kids and yet they want more.

Then I see a different teen mom and she’s working her butt off to support her and her daughter–this is the little one I occasionally watch. she doesn’t have much in the way of family and it has been tough, but in the long run she is much better off.

Our big news for the week is that we’ve landed our combine

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Wooohooo!!!!!!!!! And it’s not the one that was half a day’s drive away, either. We were continuing to try to work with that seller until about a week ago (right about the time I sent the last email on this topic), and he just wasn’t cooperating with us. Then we learned of a combine only a few miles away (holy moly!) which was the exact model we wanted, slowly dying of neglect in the weeds off one of our area’s major highways. We’d driven right past it half a million times, and just never saw that it was sitting out there. But one of our equipment mentors was out at that farm on other business, knew we were looking for one, saw its tall offload auger sticking up like a chimney out in the grass, and told us about it. The seller was easy to talk to and very easy to work with. He’d purchased it years ago, never worked with it, was going to part it out or otherwise sell it for scrap, but was delighted to learn that we intended to restore it and use it. We agreed on a price, which in this case was well within our expected budget, and WAY less than any other contender, when you could both purchase price + shipping. We told him “yes” on Saturday, and went over again yesterday to take more pictures, get the serial number, and start figuring out how to get it home. We don’t even need to take it on the highway – we can move it via back roads. So we’re pretty excited. We’ve already got a partial list of what needs to be done with it to get it field-ready, and this morning I’ll be putting together a big photos file to send to one of the nation’s foremost experts on restoring this model, so that we can put together an overall project plan.

I can’t tell you folks how excited we are about this. All weekend long, I was like a kid who got the REALLY good present on Christmas morning. This is such a game changer for us. I’ve already sent out the note to our customer base and they’re pretty jazzed too. And Mr. Uncooperative Seller a few hours away? I guess he lost the sale. Poor sad him. I guess his machine was meant for someone else. And we’re delighted to acquire this one; I would have been annoyed to go through all that effort to bring home a further away machine, once I’d learned this one was so close. Sometimes, life really does come together and everything falls into place. Yay!